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This is our first issue so we're still feeling things out and working through the kinks. I'll kick things off by taking a look at recent happenings and some projects I've been working on!

Whats New?

HRCloud2 (Github) - Early this month we discovered some errors that prevented new users from reaching their Cloud. It was pretty embarrasing, but we've got it all sorted now. The problem was with new folder generation. Some things had been re-ordered improperly after a recent refactor of the commonCore and HRC2 was dropping folders into folders that didn't exist yet. I also temporarily disabled admin config initialization until I could evaluate it's neccesity. It's been tweaked and re-introduced into commonCore. It's required so that users inherit the permissions they themselves cannot write to their own config files for security reasons.
Recent Commits: https://github.com/zelon88/HRCloud2/commit/f7e4e1099237e95ed37f66f9446fc2bb0d1463f6


HRConvert2 (Github) - This project hasn't stalled, and I've got a couple commits up my sleeve that need to be polished up for a rainy day. The idea will be to host HRConvert2 on HonestRepair once it's fully functional and most of it's features work well enough.
Recent Commits: https://github.com/zelon88/HRConvert2/commit/11bb292f4bb9251d2f2ff2e972d3a32067138ec3

Atoner (first-person shooter game) - Currently we've got one human character under development and the scene for the intro footage almost complete. Making 3d environments is extremely time consuming and much more detail oriented than I was anticipating. I guess I should have expected it, but everything is a learning experience. I've got a few original songs and I'm looking for a few more if anyone out there wants to contribute.

HoinestRepair Network - I've setup this Newsletter! I also updated WordPress to v4.9.6. The server has been going strong, stable, and cool so fingers crossed it stays that way.

Other Stuff - I'm working on a proof-of-concept compression algorithm and client in Python that is very interesting. It's a great way to get familiar with Python and just plain fun to drop bits and files all over the place, not to mention rewarding when it goes right. 

In The News

Microsoft can't seem to shake a series of patches they released in March and April that accidentally wiped out many client network drivers. Exactly zero people were surprised to find out that Windows Update had screwed something up.  I'd provide a link to a source but when I Googled it seems to be more of a monthly recurring problem than news.

LocationSmart, a company who profits off of harvested mobile metadata, recently took the free demo of their flagship cell phone tracking product offline when it became appearant that anyone could use the demo to spy on the location of any mobile device in America with frightening accuracy. 
Source: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2018/05/tracking-firm-locationsmart-leaked-location-data-for-customers-of-all-major-u-s-mobile-carriers-in-real-time-via-its-web-site/

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) was released at the end of last month to much fanfare. Around the same time the Retpoline fix for older versions of Ubuntu was wreaking havok on systems by updating dependencies out-of-order. I recently experienced a system that updated the Linux kernel before updating GCC. When the system went to rebuild the graphics driver for the new Kernel it failed when the non-Retpoline GCC tried to compile it. Looking back, I should have just upgraded to 18.04 LTS. Oh well! 
Source: http://releases.ubuntu.com/18.04/

In The Next Issue...

Learn how to automating your life with simple code projects can help you do your digital dirty work! Then we'll write our own program for cleaning up a really, really messy media library and put it to the ultimate test. 

Justin Grimes (@zelon88)

Rowley MA, USA
All work licensed under GPLv3.
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