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I admit it, I've been taking it easy this month. It's been a slow month for Software Updates but there's been a lot of work going on in the background. I'm getting ready to add two servers to the network and reconfigure some things.

Sadly there's been little progress on our Un-Google Your Life series. I'm not going to promise that it will be done by the next Newsletter because I learned my lesson last time.

Whats New?

HRCloud2 (Github) - The Drive page now shows a star icon next to the filename of Favorite files, and a share icon next to the filename of Shared files, making them easier to identify. While adding these features the ongoing refactor took a tiny step forward.

HRScan2 (Github) - Fixed a bug, specifically the missing function is_dir_empty().

HRConvert2 (Github) - Nothing to report from last time.

Atoner (first-person shooter game) - Nothing to report from last time. My son asked about this one recently so now I have to work on it again to show him something new and cool.

HonestRepair Network - I've been putting together a pair of sister-servers from spare and scavanged parts. I've currently got enough bits to get "Athena" up and running. "Pandora" will probably take a little while longer. I'm honestly thinking of keeping Pandora as a development server, but we'll see.

Other Stuff - As promised, I have remembered which side of the fridge the door handle is on. It was close.

In The News

Google rolled out Chrome 69 on the browsers 10th anniversary to much outcry from the security community. The latest version includes some 40+ fixes that Google claims are critical, but the change most people noticed was the way the browser logs users into it whenever they log into any other Google service. Even if you don't log into the browser, you will be logged in automatically once you log into any other Google service. Source: https://threatpost.com/googles-forced-sign-in-to-chrome-raises-privacy-red-flags/137651/

Microsoft announced that Bing, Windows, and Microsoft 365 will all start using the same overhauled search features. Source: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/09/microsoft-unifying-search-across-bing-office-and-windows/

The "Peekabo" securiy camera zero-day vulnerability is just the latest problem to hit the IoT community. The bug affects hardware found in individual camera models from over 40 vendors, and requires individual firmware flashes to remedy.
Source: https://threatpost.com/zero-day-bug-allows-hackers-to-access-cctv-surveillance-cameras/137499/

Apple is also feeling the sting from a recent zero-day vulnerability in macOS. The most recent flaw allows any unpriviledged app to bypass any semblence of permission control in the latest Mojave version of the popular operating system. Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/macos-mojave-zero-day-privacy-bypass-bug-revealed-on-the-day-of-download/

Feature Article

Since I've been taking a breather this month (in actuality I've been extra busy in other areas) the featured article this month is going to be an opinion piece I wrote earlier in the month on the HonestRepair Blog. The feature is titled "Dear Russia: Leave Me Alone" and it was written as an open-letter to the hackers of Russia who work everyday towards inadvertently make their internet a smaller place for the average Russians.

So head on over and Check It Out (link), and stay tuned for more open-source content from HonestRepair!


Rowley MA, USA
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