v2.2.3 – HRAI to v5.2, Pell to v3.1 & misc fixes.

-HRAI to v5.2.
-Fixed HRAI's calculator core command producing an error when only a mathematical operator is provided as input.
-Added a check to HRAI's calculator core command to check the input string length before evaluating any expressions.
-Pell to v3.1.
-Fixed Pell sorting documents by date incorrectly.
-Pell was sorting dates alphabetically according to the first letter in the string rather than by the actual date provided.
-Added $timekey variable to give the sorttable.js library something to sort.
-Refactored the default applications check throughout most GUI elements, most notably logs.
-Revised the execution string for running "freshclam" to remove erroneous use of sudo.

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