Unscheduled Downtime Due to Weather

On Friday, March 2, 2018 between about 11am and 3pm our services were intermittently unavailable due to extreme weather that brought wind gusts approaching 60mph to our little headquarters in Rowley MA, USA.

At 7:30pm the we experienced a power outage that took out our servers, routers, and everything else we rely on to keep our services online.

Power was not restored until around 4pm the next day, March 3, 2018. Once restored it took us about 2 hours to bring back our infrastructure and restore service.

We apologize for the circumstances that were outside of our control during this outage, and we appreciate your patience during this time. HonestRepair has limited capital to invest in backup power systems and redundant infrastructure. This incident gave us the opportunity to evaluate our shortcomings so that we may take action to improve upon them going forward.

As always, thanks for the clicks!

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