HRCloud2 v2.8.1 – Improve security, refactor cores

-v2.8.1. (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) 
-Added checks for dangerous files to all Cloud operations and to the GUI.
-Refactor logging and echo'ing in cloudCore.php.
-Remove (hopefully) any hope of duplicate backslashes in Cloud operations.
-Change "die()" functions to "continue" functions with improved logging so the cloudCore can continue an operation on remaining files after there has been an error with one file.
-Remove "load balancing" text from the "HRAI" setting in settingsCore.php.
-Removed unused .config.php file from a location where it is not copied from.
-Cleaned up the way Udirs are handled for downloads and Playlists.
-Fixed bug where files inside subdirectories couldn't be shared.
-Fixed shared index to clean up old symlinks that are broken due to users removing the original files.
-Removed a bad check in unShare in cloudCore.php that made removing symlinks impossible if they were broken.
-Updated commonCore.php to programatically create required directories with arrays and loops instead of using a bunch of WET static code.
-Added code to purge index.html and .index.php of shared and log .AppData directories when they get older than 1 day.
-Changed a bunch of strpos == TRUE to !== FALSE for reliability, with more to come.

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