HRCloud2 v2.8.3 – Continue refactor. Add stylesheet control

-v2.8.3. (over 10x commits)
-Fix bug with required directory handler.
-Continue minimizing cores.
-Fix index generator.
-Consolidate stylesheet generators into commonCore.php instead of spreading the both of them out into guiCore and commonCore.
-Add minStyles, maxStyles, and allStyles variables for Apps and plugins. Specify before loading commonCore.php for them to take effect.
-ServMonitor to v3.2, add noStyles variable.
-HRAI to v5.9, add noStyles variable.
-UberGallery to v3.4, add noStyles variable.
-ServStat to v1.2, add noStyles variable.
-PHP-AV App to v3.4, add minStyles variable.
-Notes App to v2.2, add maxStyles variable.
-Contacs App to v2.4, add maxStyles variable.
-Bookmarks App to v1.7, add maxStyles variable.

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