UPDATE: Temporary HRCloud2 Archive Support Outage

We recently noticed some problems with archive conversions, extraction, and creation, but only between certain formats. We’re trying to diagnose if it is a problem with our platform or the dependencies that handle archives.

While we investigate and work to correct the problem our users may notice intermittent failures when converting, extracting, or creating certain archives with HRCloud2. It appears that .rar files are most affected. For the time being we recommend that users select .zip as the output format of choice for archive operations, and Let Us Know if you run into any problems.

HRConvert2 is not affected.

UPDATE: 7/25/2018

The problem with archive conversion, creation, and extraction is resolved. It was a server related issue, but we made some adjustments to HRCloud2 anyway (we were in the middle of consolidating the code when the outage happened).


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