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-v2.4 – HRStreamer to v0.8. HRAI to v5.6. Many fixes.

-v2.4. (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
-Add user fonts and default fonts to the settings page and config file, respectively.
-Users can now select their default fonts to use within the HRC2 GUI and Apps.
-The client browser must support the selected font and the app developer must choose to utilize them.
-Re-factor the way commonCore handles and looks for unassigned values. 
-Improve reliability/security. Reduce errors.
-Error check the HTML of main pages and iframe pages.
-Add $CLPerms and $ILPerms settings in the settings page and the config file.
-Admins can now set the permission levels to use for specific directories that HRC2 manages.
-Add $ApacheUser and $ApacheGrouo settings to the settings page and config file.
-Admins can now set the user and group for Apache to use when modifying files.
-Fix inconsistencies with relative/absolute paths throughought some of the more obscure GUI elemnts.
-Improve cross-platform liklihood of sucess and altername install directory support.
-Renamed some variables to avoid polluting existing variables and to improve consistency ($HRAIAudio to $defaultHRAIAudio in config.php).

-HRStreamer to v0.8.
-Integrate default and user selected fonts.
-Improve cross platform and alternate install directory support.

-HRAI to v5.6.
-Integrate default and user selected fonts.

v2.3 – HRAI text-to-speech/refactor. Nicknames.

-v2.3. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14)
-HRAI now talks! 
-Thanks to mikolalysenko/mespeak for the sweet text-to-speech Javascript library!
-HRAI now uses the nickname specified in the user config file.
-HRC2 now sets default values for timezone and nickname settings if none are set (old config files).
-Clean up a lot of code, comments, and misc stuff.
-HRAI to v5.3.
-Consolidates and cleans the coreCommands outputs to mostly generate $output that can be spoken by the text-to-speech engine.
-Modifies just about every core command to implement the new unified $output template.
-Adjust appIndex GUI spacing.

v2.2.3 – HRAI to v5.2, Pell to v3.1 & misc fixes.

-HRAI to v5.2.
-Fixed HRAI's calculator core command producing an error when only a mathematical operator is provided as input.
-Added a check to HRAI's calculator core command to check the input string length before evaluating any expressions.
-Pell to v3.1.
-Fixed Pell sorting documents by date incorrectly.
-Pell was sorting dates alphabetically according to the first letter in the string rather than by the actual date provided.
-Added $timekey variable to give the sorttable.js library something to sort.
-Refactored the default applications check throughout most GUI elements, most notably logs.
-Revised the execution string for running "freshclam" to remove erroneous use of sudo.

HRCloud2 v1.8.7.5 – Add pointer cursor to Apps & catching up.

Since the last website update we’ve made our platform capable of building client Apps as well as fixed a lot of bugs and improved a lot of features. For a complete list of updates, check out our Recent Commits.

-Add pointer cursor style to buttons and icons in the appIndex.
-PHP-AV App to v2.8.
-Selecting to view the version info/virus definitions within the PHP-AV App opens a new page instead of interrupting the scan.

HRCloud2 v1.7.7 – PHP-AV to v2.7, Defs to v4.1, HRAI to v4.9.

HRAI to v4.9 (1), (2), (3), (4).
-Fix bugs with HRAI's calculator coreCommand functions. 
-PHP-AV App to v2.7, A/V Defs to v4.1.
-Changed the way PHP-AV detects and chunks up large files.
-Added memoryLimit and chunkSize variables to the config file (defaults are 40mb memory limit, 10mb chunk size).
-Files larger than the memory limit are chunked into bytes according to the chunkSize.
-Added detection for a bunch of RigEK, Mole, and Gryphon ransomware variants.

HRCloud2 v1.7.6 – Security fixes, user selectable timezones

Sorry for the delays in updating the “Software Updates” section of the website. We’ve skipped a bunch of commits in this section, but you can always Check Them Out On Github.

-Fixed some errors in sanitizeCore.php.
-Improved sanitization of Settings POST requests.
-Addes support and menu options for user-selectable timezones.
-HRAI still needs to be updated to the latest timezone changes and may still display time according to the php.ini.