What is it?

HRCloud2 is an open-source self-hosted Cloud platform that turns a regular PC running regular software into a fully featured and commercial-grade Cloud platform. It is the technology that powers the HonestRepair Cloud.

HRCloud2 gives anyone the ability to set up a server at home and access it from anywhere. You can log in with a browser or Client App and upload, download, convert, archive, extract, edit, and manipulate files just like most other Cloud platforms. The main difference is that HRCloud2 puts “The Cloud” into your computer back home.

Administrators can use the built-in WordPress package to make their own homepage. Businesses could use HRCloud2 to give their customers secure Cloud storage without paying for hosting. Users can use HRCloud2 to store and manipulate files or launch secure server-side applications from anywhere.

HRCloud2 keeps every users data separate, secure, and away from hosted locations without storing any data-related info or logs in a database.

How was it made?

The backbone of HRCloud2 was written in PHP. It’s codebase has been dubbed the “Valkyrie” engine. The front-end was written in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The only framework used was JQuery, which is included.

HRCloud2 requires WordPress, which is included. HRCloud2 uses no-SQL, key-value design philosophy. As a result, HRCloud2 doesn’t add any data about users or user activity to the WordPress database. Logs are kept as log files specific to each user.

In many ways HRCloud2 could be considered an expansion pack to WordPress, but NOT a plugin. HRCloud2 lets WordPress take care of registration, maintenance, and identification of users so it can concentrate on managing user data.

HRCloud2 uses and leverages a lot of open-source dependencies to enable features like file-conversions, archiving, extracting, and manipulating files.

Where’s HRCloud1?

The original HRCloud project was a collection of separate, proprietary scripts that (when combined properly) had the potential for becoming a Cloud CMS. Back then HRCloud was a closed-source and proprietary project dubbed the “Nyx” engine that HonestRepair provided as a service to it’s repair clients. Much of HRCloud1 can be found in the HRToolkit and HRToolkitTools repositories on Github.

HRCloud2 combines these scripts as well as many of the dependencies plus a lot of extra code into a set of “cores” that work together to create a much more stable, reliable, and cohesive application that can be deployed by a much wider audience.