What Is It?

A self-hosted, nosql drag-and-drop file conversion server with session based authentication, automatic temporary file maintenance, and logging capability.

How Was It Made?

HRConvert2 was written in PHP and Javascript made by modifying a large chunk of the HRCloud2 conversion engine dubbed “Valkyrie.” The new iteration use a different authentication mechanism and directory structure. Instead of requiring a user account and storing files until the user deletes them like HRCloud2, HRConvert2 creates unique sessions for each use and deletes the uploaded user files regularly. Instead of creating user-separated logfiles like HRCloud2, HRConvert2 creates unified logs for administrators only. The whole package is wrapped with a modular front-end that uses dropzone.js for drag-and-drop functionality.

Where’s HRConvert1?

HRConvert1 is part of the deprecated HRToolkit. It was simply called “converter” back then, and it’s code was posthumously dubbed the “Nyx” engine.