Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time.

Please also check out ourr Terms Of Service.

HonestRepair values its users privacy. This is the core reason why we developed HRCloud2, and why we offer it as a free service and as a free download with an open-source license.

To that end, we promise that we WILL NEVER sell your data, or ANY data about you or the way you use HonestRepair services to ANY third party.

We also promise that we WILL NEVER knowingly share your data or ANY data about you or the way you use HonestRepair services to ANY third party.

However, HonestRepair also values security. It is the cornerstone to privacy, and we want our users to understand that privacy cannot be realized without security.

To that end, we WILL use proprietary and open-source tools to scan user supplied Cloud data for viruses, security risks, and/or illegal content.

Upon detection of viruses, security risks, and/or illegal content, we WILL take appropriate action to protect HonestRepair equipment and/or legal compliance.

Actions we WILL take to protect our userbase, our equipment, and ourselves may include one or more of the following actions:

  1. Deleting the offending data, even if it resides in a users Cloud storage space.
  2. Modifying the offending data to bring it into compliance with the HonestRepair TOS.
  3. Suspending or cancelling the offending users account. If an account is suspended, associated data is preserved. If an account is cancelled, associated data is destroyed.
  4. Notifying appropriate law enforcement agencies when such action is deemed absolutely appropriate and/or required.
  5. In emergency; perform tactical operations while employing proprietary and/or open-source tools to mitigate/disable an active threat whenever such action is deemed absolutely appropriate and/or required.
  6. Users may or may not be warned or notified that other actions were taken until after other actions are complete.

GDPR Statements

We collect your username and email address to create your account, and then we provide you with unlimited space for uploading your personal files to store on our in-house servers. We provide the ability to add other personal data such as contact info, documents, photos, avatars, and more, but we do not use this information for anything other than to provide our users with amenities. We do not share data, metadata, statistical data, or anything else about you to anyone. We do not have third-party contracts or contractors with access to user related data.

At any time you can Request A Copy of your personal data under the “Accounts” tab of our homepage. We will send you a copy of all records on-file associated with your account along with resources to delete your personal data from our servers.

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Justin G. He can be reached by filling out our Contact Form.