HonestRepair was started in 2012 by zelon88 with a simple FB page and a promise to fix your computer for $30. This was going pretty swell, and in 2015 we purchased our first domain and started offering Cloud Storage to our repair clients.

However, life is busy and Honest PC Repair alone was not profitable enough to become a full-time project. In 2016 HonestRepair took a break, and in 2017 we pivoted from repairing computers to offering Cloud Storage and Open-Source Software with our own re-designed tools and a re-designed network of in-house servers.

We strive to host everything we need in-house. That means no 3rd party hosting, no rented servers, no 3rd party backups, and no CDN’s. This webpage was served from Rowley, MA USA.

We go out of our way not to track you, and to avoid services that might track you. We don’t use 3rd party analytic services, and we host all our own Javascript libraries. We don’t even use Google Fonts. We use Github for version control and software updates and ClamAV for A/V scanning. We update our dependencies regularly.

All of this comes at a price. “HonestRepairServer1” requires 1,850w (watts) of power from dual power-supplies. That’s more than fifteen laptops, or twice as much as a high-end gaming computer.

To donate to HonestRepair and the HRCloud2 Project, visit our Official Flattr or Buy Me A Coffee.