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Dear Russia: Leave me alone

Dear Russia,

Please leave me alone.

I have been running this website out-of-pocket on-and-off since 2015. The things that have never changed mostly include you, Russian spammers, scammers, hackers, and bots. You bombard my comment feed, constantly try to brute force my administrator accounts, and you’d think that after nmap scanning my server every day for 3 years you’d have found all the ports I have open by now. Alas, you keep trying anyway. And honestly when was the last time you found an exposed document root? Let me save us both some time and frustration: THERE AREN’T ANY EXPOSED DOCUMENT ROOTS!

Sure China will get in on the action from time to time, too. They usually go for the short-lived, high intensity variety of proding. I can deal with that. It’s you, the Russians, who persist in spite of the fact that you’ve never been successful.

So persistent, infact, that I’ve blocked your entire country from logging into the site. This includes a handful of other Eastern Bloc proxy nations who typically never engage the site as is intended. At one point I even posted about these measures in the hopes that you would stop wasting everybody’s time. That didn’t work. So I’m going to take the sugar coating off for you and see if that helps… EVEN IF YOU FIND A CORRECT USER/PASSWORD COMBO, YOU ARE GEO-FENCED! You will not be granted access to the admin panel, no matter what. You will still be redirected to our “Oops” page. Whenever I see a spike in denied login activity all admin account passwords get changed with randomly generated ones. I think we’ve both proved by now that this dance could go on forever. Please give up.

And here I am, once again deleting hundreds of your spam comments per week for stupid stuff like “Cash Loans” or “Sports Memorabilia.” These aren’t even the kinds of ads that a sane person would approve, and I’ve never approved them so I have no idea why you continue wasting so much machine time or bandwidth. Today, with sadness in my heart, I have disabled anonymous comments. Just because of you. Good job.

And the thing that really pisses me off about all this? The fact that there are real Russians who cannot create an account with us because of your selfish actions. I don’t have a team of engineers to monitor this thing 24/7, or come up with thousands of tools for identifying your bots so that I can still serve content to Russia. Out of necessity I took the easy road of blacklisting your entire country. I really hate to do it, but serving Cloud storage and open-source content directly to Russia just isn’t worth the hassle, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

You are a burden on the internet. Like a blacklisted Postfix server, your actions are affecting the innocent users around you. You’re costing your entire geographic location trust and slowly isolating yourself and, sadly, the people around you who have done nothing wrong. For every one legitimate request I get from Russia I probably get 500 from you. One user with a seemingly endless stream of proxy addresses, literally ruining the free service I offer for your country of 144 million people.

So please, do EVERYONE ON EARTH a few favors…

  1. Stop harassing the internet with your scammy, spammy crap that nobody cares about and only a small percentile are stupid enough to fall for.
  2. Get a real job and put some of that talent and passion to work making the internet better instead of worse.
  4. Seriously, back off and leave me alone.