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HRCloud2 v3.1.8 – Working on adding drag-drop-swap to appIndex

-Add initial version of drag-drop-swap to appIndex for swapping Apps around.
-Currently very buggy.
-Adapted from https://codepen.io/cilestin/pen/ogQQBP by "Drew" (@cilestin, https://codepen.io/cilestin/).
-Original version only worked for [line elements].
-Also working on Weather app using OpenWeatherMap API functionality and an App originally by @cmfcmf (https://github.com/cmfcmf, https://github.com/cmfcmf).
-The App will store client supplied locations (optional) for monitoring.

HRCloud2 v3.0.6 – Improve security, consistency of codebase

-Add a check to ensure a generated .AppData user-data package actually belongs to the user it's being delivered to.
-Removed redundant code from compatibilityCore.
-Add the backupUserDataNow and downloadUserData API calls to sanitizeCore (their values are never used, but sanitizeCore contains the official API reference so these should really be in there). -Changed to an exec function from shell_exec.