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New Software License Model!

We’ve recently introduced a new Software License Model for all of our software releases that keeps all our code open-source while granting enough freedoms to enterprise customers to enable them to meet their needs.

In the beginning, all our source-code was available with just once license: the GNU GPLv3 license. This is still the case, but we’ve created ways for users to obtain more permissive licenses that still pays homage to the spirit of open-source.

Basically, with the latest license model any contributor to any of our projects gets a free BSD 3-Clause license for that project. That means they can then make their own changes that they to keep private even in a commercial environment. As a result, enterprise customers who aren’t allowed to use GNU GPLv3 software as a dependency to a corporate project merely has to submit one contribution to the open-source version in order to get the license they need. They win and the community wins.

However, we also realize that some companies require even more freedom or even more privacy in their code branches. To accommodate these customers as well it is now also possible to simply purchase a BSD 3-Clause or MIT license for any of our products. The prices are unambiguously made available using our new “Interactive License Chooser” which itself is Open-Source.