Whats A Cookie?

A cookie, in computing terms, is a piece of data sent by a website to a user that gets stored on the user’s computer.

For logged-out users we use cookies to…

  • Remember who you are for our spam protection. We bounce and honeypot A LOT of bots, and our checks to ensure you’re not a bot take time. Once we validate you we would rather not validate you again unless we have too. The site is much faster that way.

For logged-in users we use cookies to…

  • Remember logged-in status when a user leaves our site and comes back.
  • Remember your timezone and dashboard settings.
  • Remember when you click “I understand” on the cookie bar.

We inform our users about how we use cookies because some websites can use them to track people around the net, and also because cookies can sometimes contain very personal information about you (*cough, Reddit, *cough).

For more information about cookies, check out the resources below…